Cheap Cheap!

Happy Bank Holiday, Easter Peeps!

Just a quick reminder that a lot of stores will sell off Easter stuff cheap from today.

Obviously chocolate and stuff probably won’t keep until next year but the decor, craft stuff and other gifts will. (And who’s gonna refuse cheap chocolate you can eat now?😉)

Generally, when preparing for an event on a budget, really early (like after the previous year or when it’s first put out) or the last week will get you the best deals.

I didn’t pay more than £2 for anything I bought for Easter, some of which was further discounted on 3 for 2 or 10% off.

Another tip is to check store clearances. I got my Easter card embellishments and kids’ stickers last summer when a local pound shop closed down. Cheap shops often have random stock out during the year. keep your eyes peeled.

Have a good one!

Anna x


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