May is Coming!

Afternoon Peeps!

Despite the weather suggesting otherwise, it is nearly May!

May means a lot of things:

  • My grandma has her birthday soon (and would shoot me if I told you the number, so I won’t).
  • Blog renewal/changes/anniversary of official launch…more info soon.😉
  • Is stroke awareness month.. we are supporting it at work with our purple display 😊💜
  • There are bank holidays and half terms to enjoy 😎 (hopefully with better weather than today!)
  • Star Wars day! May the 4th be with you 😉…which brings me nicely to next week’s planner spread:

That was actually the second time I did that stencilling…the first time a rather soggy cat stood on it and smudged the month!

*guilty culprit*

I don’t know if I’ve quite finished with it, (the planner, not the cat) so feel free to leave feedback 😊

Enjoy your evening/weekend.

Anna x


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