Better Than Expected

Evening Tuesday Peeps! (Is it really only Tuesday?!)

I was quite glad to see the back of yesterday, there were a lot of little things that went wrong and unnecessary stress, nothing deadly, just piled up.

So at one point, today was to be dreaded; my daughter was stressed about assessments, I had another slow day at work. Mr.B had injured himself and the hot water wasn’t working.

Today we had good news (although we learned some of this last night)… the plumber came and said only a small part, will be done Thursday, Mr.B is sore but has had treatment and there’s no lasting damage to his eye, the teenager didn’t have to do her assessment first thing (and actually had a nice supply teacher for another lesson that she usually isn’t keen on) and work was better than yesterday. So all worked.

Something else today was better than expected: the latest Aladdin trailer!

If you saw my review of the previous one, you will be aware of how worried I was about Will Smith as the Genie. No one could replace Robin Williams and it’s a brave (or foolish) man that tries to follow him….and I LOVE Will and don’t want him to fall on his face.

Thankfully, the more I see of it the happier I feel. He’s different enough to be Will Smith and not a Robin Williams wannabe but it’s close enough to the original Disney version to make the story work. I’m really looking forward to it…have a watch and let me know what you think.

Have a good one peeps!

Anna x


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