May Is Here!

Howdy Wednesday Peeps!

If you read my post May is Coming! then you’ll know there are a lot of changes and plans and goals to come! I did also share my planner spread for Star Wars Day (May 4th) which is this Saturday.

So I needed a planner spread for next week and have gone a bit nuts. I’m sure you know by now that I’m one step away from “crazy cat lady” status…I expect you’ve seen this baby before…

So I went full-on cat themed with the planner this week, aided and abetted by Toymaster selling a sheetful of cat stickers in the 2 for £1 range!

So here is my spread, dashboard (same post-it note one from the 80s week spread with a cat stuck on…sums me up. LOL) and a paperclip page marker I just happened to have enough cat ephemera to make. 😉


Just thought I’d share, I hope I haven’t scared you away with my cat craziness. (But hey, if you’ve been here long you’re probably used to the crazy by now!)

Have Fun!

Anna x


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