Hi-de-ho Peeps!

I was thinking this morning that for a blog with peace in the name, I don’t talk about it that much.

My peace comes from God. He has a plan, even if I can’t always see it… it’s nice to have a purpose.

More than that, there are things in creation that bring me peace and joy. Sometimes you have days like the one we had on Monday, days when you don’t feel like you’re working on your purpose, days when you need more than ever to “stop and smell the flowers”.

So this morning, instead of moaning that the dog was up before the alarm,  I stood in the garden with her watching the sunrise and contemplating the seasons. How amazing is it that days get longer each summer and shorter each winter; we do nothing to cause or stop it, in fact, we often don’t even notice it…. but it goes on happening and impacting the trees and animals.

Just take time to stop and enjoy the little miracles going on around you.

Have a lovely day!

Anna x


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