Congrats Meghan and Harry!

Morning Peeps!

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex had a baby boy yesterday morning!!!!

So I was wrong about gender (thinking about it, I usually am) but the little Earl is here already, he and his mummy are safe and well…now we’re just waiting on a name!

The TV reporters yesterday were speculating that it may include Philip as a middle name, which would be a lovely way to honour the (almost 98-year-old) Duke of Edinburgh particularly as the baby will be Earl of Dumbarton (also in Scotland).

I guess now we wait until they’re ready, which (as hard as it is) is one of the loveliest things about all this; no paparazzi on the hospital steps, no pressure to look perfect in the first day or two of giving birth but still keeping us informed. Well done Harry and Meghan!

Have a lovely day, Peeps!

Anna x

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