Channelling My Inner Steampunk

Howdy Peeps!

This post-bank-holiday week is kinda normal -apart from the new boiler, getting to my first goal of 1stone lost and my baby girl getting great maths grades 🙂 -but there was no theme for my planner…so I came up with a steampunk spread.

I kinda love the Victoriana vibe anyway and growing up with a dad who loves trains and collectables and a grandad who loves carpentry and boats, I kinda like the mechanical-engineering stuff too. The idea of stuff made out of cogs and stuff…just YES PLEASE!

So I started with some washi I got from Susie B Supplies on Etsy (used that shop before and always super quick dispatch, this came like the next day).


I LOVE this washi, I could just leave it like this- will definitely find an excuse to use it again! But I didn’t leave it just like this….


I used Gold pen and stickers, Black, grey and Dark Purple pen and reminder stickers to tie in with the theme.


I got very enthusiastic and finished the steampunk theme and started using the planner, then I realised I hadn’t shown you lovely  Peeps, hence the brown page flags.

Also, I ordered vintage typewriter stickers to add to it, but they haven’t arrived yet 😦 will add them when they do (and try to remember to show you).

Let me know what you think, have a good one.

Anna x


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