A Big Decision

Helloooooooooo Thursday Peeps!

Many of you have been following my weight loss journey recently- thanks for all the encouragement!- and if you’ve been here a while you’ve probably heard me mention the fact I have PCOS. (See Living With PCOS and PCOS Update if you want to catch up.)

The 2 things don’t necessarily go together, in fact, one often hinders the other. Losing weight is hard with PCOS as you get extreme hormonal cravings, intolerance to carbs (even some ‘healthy’ ones) and the sweeteners in low-cal food screw with your hormones.

I am very vocal about the sweetener thing because I know that giving up my bottle-a-day diet coke habit in 2014 immediately improved my symptoms and brought my periods back.

Since then I’ve used sugar or some more natural sweet-things, like honey, (thank you Daniel Plan) so I avoided the sweeteners.

Last time I lost a lot of weight was a good few years ago and I had no clue about any of this then, not even my PCOS. I used all kinds of awful, additive-laden foods and drinks to get slim.

So I’ve been thinking lately; is it more important to control symptoms or lose weight right now? The answer is to lose weight (and give my teeth a rest while I’m at it). So I’ve decided that my tea will, temporarily, go back to sweeteners and low-cal soft drinks are occasionally OK.

Life is about balance and I’ll never go back to the Diet Coke habit, but sometimes adjustment is needed. It means I can have a glass of low-cal drink or low-fat yoghurt to stave off the sugar craving without freaking out about what’s in it.

I will not stay using these products forever and I certainly wouldn’t recommend them to developing teens or those trying to get pregnant, but for me right now, that’s the best way forward.

Do your own research, make your own decisions. I offer my opinion about it purely as an interesting topic.

Good luck if you’re on the weight loss journey.

Have a good day!

Anna x


2 thoughts on “A Big Decision

  1. Yoga is an excellent choice of exercise for PCOS women. One, it helps in burning calories and increases metabolism and two, more importantly, few specific asanas have therapeutic edge over other forms of exercise because of its ability to target specific organs.

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