Cash or Cashless?

Howdy frugal Peeps!

I usually put my money in the deposit machine at the bank, it takes the notes, counts and sorts them; saves queuing up.

The other day it wasn’t working and it bothered me that I had to queue up. I was thinking afterwards though and realised that if we could all use the machine there would probably be job lay-offs.

I also got to thinking that if they had a machine that also accepted coins (like the change saver things in Morrisons) I wouldn’t need to do deposits at the counter (but to keep jobs, still use it for bill-paying or enquiries).

Then my mind wandered further down that path; when will we do away with coins? (or at least the small ones? They already mentioned dropping the 1p out of circulation.)

If it were just notes….then there are contactless payments! Maybe we don’t need the notes either? Would that stop charity collections? Or would they have payment readers to scan your card/phone/smartwatch??

Any time we get these technological advances (like FaceTime calls) I always refer to Bruce Willis’ apartment in Fifth Element; honestly, go back and watch it and tell me that’s not where we are heading.

I don’t know what will happen, but I’d love to hear your thoughts…

Have a good one.

Anna x


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