I Told You Change Was Afoot!

Howdy Peeps!

It’s one of those crazy kinds of weeks where my head is so full of stuff that I feel a bit dazed…do you ever get those? (Thank God for my planner, that’s all I can say!)

The good news for you lovely peeps is that you get lots of new blog stuff as I try to get it out of my head. We’ve made a big financial decision, my daughter has a couple of new recipes I can share with you, the weight loss journey continues and there will be a new blog page soon….there are sooooo many things going on and so many exciting developments I want to share, I’m forewarning you to fasten your seatbelts because I may get even more random than I was before!

If there is a topic you’d like me to cover or a page/section you think I should add so the ramblings of my mind make more sense to you lovelies, then please feel free to throw your ideas into the ring.

I hope you enjoy the stuff that’s coming!

Have a fab day!

Anna xx


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