Somewhere Beyond The Sea

Hi-de-hi lovely Peeps!

I’m already a bit hyper as it’s my day off and I am just about to talk to you about some of my fave entertainment so it may get worse; you have been warned! 😉

Y’know I mentioned The Meg (once or twice) the other day? Well, I’ve been singing “Somewhere beyond the sea” ever since. It doesn’t appear in the actual film but is used so hilariously in the trailer, that is now what my brain does when someone says Megalodon.

It got my little brain churning and I realised this song is only associated with good things, specifically in the world of entertainment.

Until we saw The Meg- which we love by the way (did I mention that already?)- my daughter’s association with this song is the end of the film Mr Bean’s Holiday. Rowan Atkinson is so clever and sings in his own special way over the top of the French-speaking cast…love it! True British comedy at it’s finest. (Highly recommend you watch the film if you haven’t already.)


The thing I associate it with though is the gorgeous Robbie Williams who sang the song for one of his swing albums, but it gets better: Disney used it for the credits of Finding Nemo. That gives me all kinds of feels as we rented it on video (yes, actual video- from Blockbuster) when my niece first came to meet my baby daughter. ❤ Also, it’s one of the best Disney Pixar films of this Millennium.

This is to say nothing of the dozen or so versions that have been recorded since the original “La Mer” by The Sandpipers in the 60s, all awesome… but I’ll leave you with Robbie’s live rendition because (as a long-term Take That fan) it doesn’t get better than this:



Anna x


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