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Helloooooooooo Friday Peeps!

If you have survived SATs this week, (including parents and teachers) congratulations! It’s all over now! 🙂 The fun can begin and transition to secondary school can happen. Enjoy it!


For those out there that teach, homeschool or just want to help your child along a bit, I found an awesome resource for you: has loads of free printables to use from Kindergarten to 5th grade (so preschool through primary in the UK) but I’ve found it especially useful for phonics work. These worksheets are awesome and cover things like blending, rhyming and letter formation. Please click on the link and have a look.

They also have lesson plans and online games!


Last, but by no means least, well done to all the GCSE takers who have survived the first week and are praying for half term to come…you’ll get there, it’ll all be ok.

Hugs and prayers

Anna x


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