An Embarassing Planner Theme

Morning Peeps!

How ya’ll doing?

I had a plan to create a planner theme to reflect my childhood TV preferences.

I restricted myself to 80s children’s telly (because if I included all the TV shows I remember, I’d need a bigger planner!) then I had the tough decision to make about which actually made it in.

Much to my husband’s disgust, I didn’t include Superted or Bananaman! πŸ˜‰

I included some brightly coloured washi because the 80s weren’t about subtlety.

There are lots of famous shows depicted but I included a few less-remembered ones such as Bertha, forget me not farm and The Wuzzles. (I remember crying when they axed forget me not farm and I used to have a wuzzles clock and Rainbow Brite doll….so many memories!)

When I’d finished I also realised that I’ve subconsciously revealed all my childhood crushes… the earliest being Andy Crane in the broom cupboard. (A couple of years ago they had a 30th birthday party for cbbc and had all the presenters back….he doesn’t look any different!)

(I was always more Thundercats than He-man…)

Then ITV introduced us to Pat Sharp (who still looks lovely now but has a much more sensible hair cut) and the lovely Neil Buchanan.

I adore Neil and he is so talented, but when looking up the picture on Google I found out where he is now; he’s in a middle-aged rock band!!! I love it! 🀣 It’s so at odds with the kids TV but makes me so happy. (Honestly, go and search it…you won’t be disappointed!)

(Orville! 😍… More importantly, the legend that was Roy Castle πŸ’”)

So what did you watch? Who were your first celeb crushes? Did you enjoy my confession? πŸ˜‰

Have fun!

Anna x


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