Money and Stuff

Hello Saturday Peeps!

Sorry for being MIA earlier this week, thought I’d give you a nice long post to make up for it! 😉

It’s been a change-filled week, quite a lot of it money related, so I thought I’d share in case it can help any of you lovely Peeps.

Firstly, it’s 7 months ’til Christmas!!!! YAY! If you haven’t already, start saving/stock-piling gifts!

Also, Mr.B and I have done something very new and different for us; we have a joint account for the first time in 18 years!! I know this sounds ridiculous to some people but it’s a real novelty for us.

Hear me clearly, we always discuss our finances and have always known each others’ details and such so we’re not financially separated. We wanted a joint account years ago but our credit scores were rubbish, so the bank said no.

We have an account each for personal bills and opened the joint one for house stuff for 2 reasons: Firstly, it’s just easier than keep transferring cash to each other. Secondly, in the long term, we want to buy a property and having a proven track record with the same bank will help us apply for a joint mortgage.

Another (smaller) financial decision I’ve made is that I finally picked a new phone. Aside from the money I spent on the actual phone, it affects our money management because I now have enough storage/memory to download all the banking/money apps I need… the old phone was pretty pathetic space-wise.

I bought my new phone a case because the expensive thing that’s not going to be replaced for at least 2 years needs looking after. I love it; It saves me carrying a separate purse, was cheap, protects the phone and still lets me use all the contactless and biometric features.

If you want to look in more detail, you can find it here.

I’ve also got some new planner stickers to help me plan finances, but they’ll be in a planner blog soon.

Enjoy your Saturday Peeps!

Anna x


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