Good for the Mind, Body and Soul

Morning Peeps!

I recently went on a Young People’s Mental Health course because it’s good for my career development and, more importantly, it may help my daughter during exam season.

There are several things that can help with stress, anxiety and depression so I thought I’d share in case anyone out there needs the support (like the exam-takers).

  1. Clear your mind… if something’s stressing you out write it down or talk about it, try some relaxation techniques. Focus on the positive. Whatever works best for you.
  2. Clear your space: Clear the clutter and you’ll have one less thing to worry about. It’s proven that if your room is tidy, you sleep better (you may also be able to make money selling the stuff you don’t want).
  3. Green is good: I don’t just mean eating greens, (although a healthy diet isn’t a bad idea) I’m talking about the great outdoors. Go on a nature walk, buy some plants or even wear something leafy green in colour…nature helps us to relax.
  4. Part of the reason the nature bit may also help is that walking is exercise. The teenager and I agree that we feel more positive and energetic when we’ve exercised first thing. It gives control, releases all kinds of good hormones in the brain and psychologically we feel good about ourselves because we all know we’ve done something we ‘should be doing’.
  5. Do good: For the same reasons as the exercise, this helps by distracting us, helping us to feel valuable and the altruism fulfils the higher functioning moral bit (y’ know, the stuff that separates us from other mammals).
  6. Learn stuff: Anything new we learn fulfils our higher functioning needs, like an accomplishment we can be proud of. You may learn a new skill that relaxes you (one of the reasons I love my planner) or perhaps you can learn a technique to deal with the issue causing the stress.  You can visit a professional. like a CBT therapist to learn distraction techniques, attend a free course run by your local authority or a charity, see a yoga instructor or even a counsellor. Whatever helps. Don’t be afraid to try several until you find what works for you.


I hope that helps someone out there, it’s definitely something we’ve found to be true.

Have a good one!

Anna x


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