Films Coming Up!

Howdy Peeps!

I’m very excited…We’re going to see Aladdin this evening!! Rest assured a review will follow.

The thing is the days of waiting for a year or two between Disney movies have long gone. It’s great, but I think I need a few thousand pounds to reserve a permanent seat in the cinema!

There are loads of films I want to see that are in the pipeline, but let’s just focus on a few huge ones! Let’s talk Disney: After Aladdin (YAY!) comes Toy Story 4 (We’ll just gloss over that…) and then the Live Action Lion King! Can’t wait!! (And this is just up until July!)

OK, we’re all in awe of Disney, let’s talk other movies:

Godzilla King of Monsters is just hitting the screens now… y’all know I love a good monster/Dinosaur movie, but this one may wait until it’s on Sky. There are several reasons for this; 1) I need the money for Aladdin, 2) it’s not showing in our local cinema so it’d mean an hour’s travel to see it, 3) I’m not sure about the blue laser roar (looks like Godzilla should be related to the spaceship from Independence day)… that doesn’t mean I won’t watch it though. I’m excited to see the other ‘monsters’ and I’ve seen literally every other version of Godzilla, so I’ll let you know.

My daughter wants to see the next installment of Spidey; ‘far from home’. I’m down with the Marvel universe thing but that’s probably enough Spiderman films now. If she doesn’t get a better offer from friends, I’ll go with, but I can wait. (Sorry, Marvel fans, please don’t shoot me!) As a side note to this Marvel train, I am really looking forward to Black Panther 2, I loved the first one…it’s up there with Iron Man and Dr Strange for me. ❤

Any Fast and Furious fans out there? Hobbs and Shaw (possibly the best things about the films…excuse me while I drool over 3 of the best looking men in showbiz!) Possibly more exciting than the latest f&f is the fact that the Jurassic World short ‘Battle at Big Rock’ has been rumoured to be showing before it! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, go and search battle at big rock on YouTube for all kinds of speculation! I trust Klayton as an informed source; here’s his latest on it:

Just the idea of not having to wait until 2021 for more dinosaurs gives me a thrill!


At the totally opposite end of my taste spectrum is the wonderful trailer I saw the other day….for the DOWNTON ABBEY movie!! (I know, I have eclectic taste…weird is good, I make no apologies!)

The starring role, of course, is the legend that is Dame Maggie Smith ❤ Big respect. Have a peek at this and let me know what you think!

Roll on September, that’s all I can say!!!!

Have a fab time planning your viewing!

Anna x


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