Well it’s June!

Hello Saturday Peeps!

Happy 1st day of June! 😊

June is a busy month here:

Today we have the 1st of 2 weddings we have been invited to this month and it’s the start of the D-day celebrations (on all week here in Bude).

We also have a neighbour’s 50th, a baby due in the family, Father’s Day and several birthdays (including mine in 3 weeks)!

My little family has a big June to come; the teenager has mock exams and work to do and mr B has his last full month of work!

I haven’t told you until now but in July my husband leaves work to become a full time student! It’s scary and exciting and like a billion other emotions but we can’t wait for this new phase of life.

So that’s our news, what’s your June like?

Have a great day!

Anna x


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