The Final Push

Helloooooo Monday Peeps!

As I understand it, some places in the US are starting to think about summer holidays.

Here in the UK we have half a term left (about 6-7 weeks). If your child is at the end of school it can be a major time in their lives.

If your child is leaving primary then their hard work is done and there will be fun stuff and taster days at ‘big school’ to come… some are totally ready and some are a bit nervous, make sure they know what will happen and that there will be maps and support and people to direct them.

If they are in secondary school it’s a whole different ball game. These next few weeks will see A-levels finish, GCSEs finish, leavers days and proms galore. It’s lovely once the exams are over, but keep an eye on their stress levels until then. (See my education page for tips.)

Year 10 can be just as stressful, depending on when the school does theirs, there can be mock exams, work experience, taster days in year 11, new small kids to deal with and I guarantee someone will point out to them that this time next year they’ll be sitting exams.

Be gentle with your school peeps (and the teachers!) because this is a very tiring half term and final slog before the glorious summer holidays ahead.

Keep going peeps and keep dreaming of that summer!

Anna x


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