Cake Glorious Cake!

Howdy Friday Peeps!

Probably not a compatible with my diet and healthy living posts but…cake!

I’ve not eaten any I promise, but if you’re easily tempted you may want to look away now.

I found a cake decorator on YouTube called the Icing Artist and her cakes are amazing…

you can find her here.

I showed my daughter and she seemed underwhelmed. 🙄 then she showed me what she’d been watching and I understood why…

She loves how to cake it and they are extreme!

We then come together to watch duff and the team on Ace of Cakes (food network)…just wow.

There are so many people out there with amazing cake skills and I think we both want to improve our very basic skills…. maybe one day I’ll be good enough for duff 💖

Enjoy the inspiration and try not to drool on your computer! 😉

Anna x


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