A Royal Monday

Happy Monday Peeps!

Happy 98th birthday to Prince Philip! I love him and genuinely believe he adores the Queen, which is so lovely as not all royal marriages have worked out so well. I think they’re both awesome to do all they do at the ages they are! God bless them.

Totally by coincidence I have a somewhat royal planner theme this week (hard to find something worthy to go between dinosaurs and African wildlife)!

I have picked the more kick-ass, modern Disney princesses (except Belle as I did a whole B&tB spread earlier in the year).

I was going to do 4 quarters for my faves but my daughter complained Mulan wasn’t there and we recently rewatched tangled so I had to include that too… ended up with a day each. (I love the coloured washi backgrounds…what do you think?)

Aurora didn’t quite make it in (which is a shame because of the link with prince Philip….but) she wasn’t quite edgy enough.

I love Moana, may have to do a spread just for her!

Let me know which is your fave.

Have a good day.

Anna x


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