Your Young Men Will See Visions and Your Old Men Will Dream Dreams

Howdy Peeps!

I love that verse from Acts.

Twice this week Mr.B has had prophetic-type dreams and I quoted that at him (I may have been a bit cheeky and emphasised the ‘old man’ part 😉 ) and it got me thinking.

It does happen to me occasionally, but usually more the visions thing. I rarely have dreams that mean anything significant but when I do it’s really obvious. I don’t usually dream about normal things, so if I dream about a family member or friend I always check-in with them to see if all is OK.

My non-prophetic dreams, like the rest of my mind, are a bit random. I was thinking the other day that I ought to record some of them as they’d make great movies. (That sounds big headed, I just mean I’d re-watch some dreams if I could…I don’t believe I’m the next Spielberg.) In fact, I think a lot of it comes from my love of movies and my brain mashing them up!

Example: A week or 2 ago I had a dream I was on a ride like the abandoned haunted house one in the live-action Scooby Doo, but the ‘cars’ for the ride were mechanical bugs. Thinking about it now that was probably because of my steampunk planner theme a few weeks ago, but at the time my film-loving brain analysed it as somewhere between Lovelace’s spider in Wild Wild West and the Robo-bee from Richie Rich.

These bugs then got off the ride (like Mary Poppins’ horse) and, being a dragonfly, mine flew off with a person on it still.

All easily explainable in random film references, which is probably why I love looking for Easter Eggs and connections in films.

Back to the sensible point though- when it is something more ‘normal’ I do always check it out. It might not be bad, it might be someone I’ve not seen in years turns up in a dream and it’s their birthday or they call the next day. My point is that God gives us signs for a reason and it’s best to check them out.

Hope you got the real message and weren’t scared off by that trip into my mind!

Have a good Tuesday!

Anna x


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