Another Random Brain Moment.

Hi-de-hi Wednesday Peeps!

Half way through the week…thank goodness!

I was in the shower and suddenly it went cold (washing machine was on…doh!)

Obviously I squealed like a stuck pig but made myself edge back in because cold water is ‘good for me’ ….circulation, damaged hair, general tiredness can all supposedly be helped by cold water. (I don’t know who the people are who researched this or how accurate it is, it’s just generally accepted.)

But then I also thought the hot water is good for me too; it will kill some germs (not all as I don’t intend to boil myself alive, but still..) and it feels good on my pathetic back muscles post workout.

So my philosophical brain immediately started on the duality of life… how we need hot and cold, good and bad, starts and endings…the whole ying and yang thing.

Several washing minutes later I also realised that there’s a lesson in my cold water theory (other than not turning the washing machine on until after showering! 😳🙄)…

I don’t know how many of the hot and cold benefits are true. So it’s probably a case of checking your sources, not believing everything you hear and doing what’s best for you.

A bit of research, a bit of everything that’s good for you and moderation (in the amount of good and the amount of ‘advice’ you take on).

So now I’ve made you think deep, life-changing thoughts; I’m off to colour in with toddlers! 😊

Have a good one.

Anna x


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