Tell It To Me Straight

Morning Peeps!

I will be interested to see what responses I get to this.

It really bugs me when people sugar-coat things. If a family member is seriously ill, there’s a financial problem or even if a person wants to say something nasty about me, please just say it!

As I’m sure my family will testify, phrases like “but we didn’t want to worry you” or “We know you’re busy but..” literally make me grind my teeth.

I’d much rather know if there’s something I have to plan, change or pray for. PLEASE!

The thing is, I am also that honest with other people….even if I try to be my most tactful, sometimes people get offended. I don’t mean to but I guess it’s the old transference thing; treating others how you want to be treated and all that. I just don’t get the ‘pretend everything’s fine’ thing.

Is it just me?

Can it be bad to tell the truth?

Are you like me and want it straight, or not?

I’d really love to discuss this in the comments so feel free!

Have a good day Peeps!



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