College/Uni Planning

Howdy Peeps!

Are you or someone you know off to further education after the summer?

I’m sure you’ve heard me rave about Cheap Crafty Girl before (if not, you will) as I love her YouTube videos. I found her originally because she does amazing planner spreads, but she also does haul videos.

Well her daughter is off to college this year, so she’s done a whole week of Dollar Tree and Amazon hauls for Dorm Room essentials.

Here’s the first one to get you started:

You can find the others on her channel Crafty Girl, but it may well auto-play onto the next ones (I think there’s 4).

I’ve really enjoyed it and I’m certainly going to use some of those ideas when it’s my turn to pack for a Uni student in a couple of years.

As a side note, if you have a college student you like to send care packages to, she also has a colour-themed series where she mentions the items she’ll send in the post to her daughter.

Have fun!

Anna x


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