My Favourite Things

Hi-de-hi Peeps!

It’s my birthday. My daughter bought me an 80’s CD for the car…loving the music on that, but that isn’t one of the favourite things I want to talk about today:

I want to talk Christmas (yes I know it’s June) and Dickens and Budgeting.

I recommend you read my Wisdom of Dickens post, particularly David Copperfield references if you want good money advice…in fact, go read David Copperfield!

But I was actually referring to A Christmas Carol. Near the beginning of the story Fred visits his uncle Scrooge and they discuss keeping Christmas and Fred does the speech about Christmas doing him good (which I am certain I will have recited at you in a Christmas post). Part of that same conversation Scrooge points out that Fred is just “a year older, but not not an hour richer.”

Well I am a year older today; my finances and our family education/job prospects continue to improve so I am also (slightly) richer.

More importantly, (as Fred so eloquently said) it’s not about money. It’s a year’s more wisdom (most days) and experience, it’s a year closer to goals and one further away from past mistakes (ah, that’s where the money comes into it).

Enjoy and be productive, life isn’t about getting ‘an hour richer’.

Have a good one Peeps!

Anna x


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