Weight Loss Journey Update

Yo Peeps!

So, last week was Father’s day and my birthday and Saturday we went to see my in-laws…no surprise then that I gained a couple of pounds.

I remind myself this is a long-term journey, so today I get back on with it. I got up and did my LWRFitness video and am thinking of low-carb dinner options.

I find it hard to stick to low-carb long term, but I’m trying to go lower GI (so brown and preferably unleavened) and then have a low-carb (or even no-carb) dinner…seems to work, gives me time to digest carbs better.

Any tips or low GI recipe ideas will be gratefully received. I’m still learning. Also, I’m collating all my diet/health/exercise stuff onto a new page, so it’s easier for y’all to find…I’ll let you know when I publish it. 🙂

Happy Monday my lovely Peeps!

Anna x


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