Nice News

Howdy peeps!

The wedding was lovely yesterday! Beautiful day and a cute couple. Obviously not my place to share pictures of their wedding but I can share this one of me and my hubby in the photo booth… being our usual, sensible selves of course 😉

Also, a different gorgeous couple in my family had a beautiful baby girl this week. She’s a cutie, like a little dolly. 😍 God bless them in their new life as a family of 3.

While at the wedding I missed the delivery of a parcel. I’m very excited to say there will be book reviews shortly.

As a long-standing Jurassic Park fan, I decided to look into some other Michael Crichton books and found this little gem on Amazon:

So for the foreseeable future I will have a book in my hand as I need to finish Eragon before embarking on these 3 beauties! 😊😁😆 #excitedface

Of course I’ll let you know what I think when I’m done.

So much more to tell you, but that’s enough for now.

Happy weekend peeps!

Anna x


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