Where Have I Been?

Howdy Peeps!

How are you all?

It feels like an eternity since I’ve been on here, I have so much to tell you… but just one thing for today.

I haven’t blogged for about 2 weeks because it didn’t feel right: My Grandma passed away. I wanted to tell you all and celebrate her life, but to start with we were in a daze and then our family agreed not to post on social media about it until after the funeral ( so as not to upset anyone/ allow them to find out ‘accidentally’).

So today I just want to tell you about Abby: She was awesome! Some of the memories we shared at the funeral (last Friday) were testament to that.

At 85 she wanted to do a tandem jump, but was medically advised against it…. so she went and got a tattoo to match her youngest granddaughter’s!

At 87 she came to my 30th in full Fairy Godmother fancy dress and, as I requested everyone join me for Cha-cha slide, she did!

Some-when on the 5 years since then, my grandpa was ill over Christmas and new year (only a cold, nothing bad) so she went out for New Year’s Eve with my uncle and cousin instead… she came back about 3 am!

Even last Christmas, when she was not 100% she still participated in charades and other fun Christmas nonsense!

She was always glam and ready to party. She had a great sense of humour and a loving Christian heart.

We loved her and will miss her, but all the memories bring a smile and I couldn’t not share them with you.

Please let me know how you all are and be assured there’s plenty more to tell you, so I’ll see you tomorrow!

God Bless,

Anna x

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