What Else Have I Been Up To?

Morning Peeps!

Following on from yesterday….

The main reason I didn’t blog was because I was waiting to tell you about my lovely grandma, but honestly the break from blogging was needed.

I love you all and still can’t believe there are 500+ people out there who want to read my random scrawling. It is a big commitment though and I’ve not had a break as big as this in the 2 years I’ve been blogging.

Firstly, it made me miss it! Secondly, there are days when I can’t think what to write… but the second I decide not to, I find dozens of things to talk about! So I’ve been busy scribbling down blog ideas… there are hauls, reviews, planner spreads, budget things and faith talk all to come… with a bunch of random other stuff, as per usual.

I mention planner spreads, as that has been a good release for me, a bit of quiet crafting time. This does mean I have several to show you and catch up on…maybe tomorrow? Watch this space.

Work has also been crazy. I’ve covered 2 weeks of holiday so have basically worked every day since the weekend before last (except for funeral day). I’ve still been tutoring, up until yesterday (School’s out for summer! Well, almost.) I’ve been looking for a teaching job instead of my retail so that means application forms and checking websites etc. I love retail work but I want to teach more. I have also applied for 2 courses, but we’ll address tat at a different time.

It’s not just me either, My daughter has started a new job, been on a week’s work experience and finished mock exams. My husband has been doing exams and preparing for leaving work next week. He’s also been getting stuff together and studying ahead for September…. did I mention he’s going to be a law student? So proud of him!

There have also been weddings to go to, babies to meet and, of course, Grandma’s funeral. Somewhere in that I’ve dealt with 5 or 6 birthdays, church commitments and household stuff too. So it’s been a bit crazy!

Now teaching and studying are more-or-less finished for the summer and my shop shifts aren’t too bad, so I’m here and rested and raring to go… good luck dealing with me in a hyper mood… sorry in advance for any new levels of crazy coming your way! 😉

So I think we’re all caught up… please let me know how you’re all doing (or if you have a blog you’d like me to read) please comment down below. Normal content will resume tomorrow.

Have a great day peeps!

Anna x


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