Poundland Hair Products

Yo Peeps!

You know I;m always on the hunt for a bargain, well I went into Poundland with my birthday cash.

I always pick up pore strips, branded body wash/shower gel and hairbands at Poundland because they’re so much cheaper than anywhere else!

So I was in the bath/beauty aisle anyway, I thought I’d have a browse. I saw hair colours for £1 and I was a bit sceptical, but the grey streak in my hair suggested it was worth a try.

I picked colour 4.5 (Dark Red-Brown) and it went on easily, with no side effects. I didn’t take a picture (sorry) but I think it’s this brand and they are vegan approved…bonus!

I then saw colour protecting shampoo and conditioner. Given my reservations over how long it may last, I picked these up too to give it a fighting chance.

I don’t think it came out too badly, do you? Covered the grey streak for my cousin’s wedding and lasted about 3 weeks since then… still not totally grey again but definitely a lighter colour in those areas now, but that may be because the shampoo and conditioner have just run out.

So is it worth it? Yeah! at £1 for 3 weeks… my regular colour only lasts 6-8 weeks but it around £8 so for the same length of time it would cost me £2-3!! And I saved on colour protect shampoo that I’d buy even with the expensive colour… win-win!

Also, the vegan thing is nice because cheap is great but where stuff comes from and how it’s made should be considered when possible… ethical and budget son’t often come together… well done Poundland!

Anna x


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