The Little Joys In Life

Hi-ho Peeps!

Happy Saturday!

This is the first one in aaaaages where I have no work and nothing planned! Hooray! (My sympathies if that is not the case for you.)

A Saturday off is indeed a little joy in life and sometimes we need to focus on the positive, the good little bits and the smiles they bring.

Last week I sat in the garden reading in the sun for half an hour… I was interrupted by a large Alsatian with a squeaky toy. (If you’ve not been here long, our massive ball of fluff is called Bailey, she’s 6 and as bonkers as the rest of the family!) Rather than be cross at her for the interruption, I enjoyed some time playing fetch with her.

Also when it’s sunny, that view makes me smile. That beautiful cliff looks north along the coastal path or turn around and look over our little beach where my logo beach huts are… possibly my favourite place in the world!

A slightly ‘lame’ happy thing is that sun means I can dry laundry twice as fast and not waste energy! Yay for empty laundry baskets! LOL!

The weather hasn’t been so great since Thursday but there are up-sides to wet days too:

Thunderstorms, reading whilst curled up indoors, central heating (didn’t have that in our previous, rural house), planner time and best of all, time with the family just chatting and chilling.

Just thought I’d remind you to appreciate the home comforts, jobs completed and ‘time out’ that make life peaceful.

Have a good one!

Anna x


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