When is Normal not normal?

Howdy peeps!

I’m actually doing a normal day… kinda.

I have done my usual Tuesday shift, with the colleague I am usually on shift with (first time in like 3 weeks we’ve had normal shifts as some people been on holiday etc).

It hasn’t seemed normal as it’s quiet for summer and busy with deliveries and gone quicker than usual. Neither of us are normal (coz normal is boring) so we had a nice chat about conspiracy theories. 🤣

The weather is normal for summer but not normal as it keeps changing.

The food I ate, the clothes I wore and the people I spoke to were all part of normal daily life, but not normal. They were all a little little lighter and brighter…. it must be summer craziness! Yay for sunshine 😎

Have a good evening y’all!

Anna x


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