Foodie Crush

Howdy Friday Peeps!

Trying to look for healthy recipes (so I don’t eat junk all through my crazy summer shifts) and want them easy and with veggie options (we are a divided house on the whole meat-eating thing). I know, I don’t ask for much. LOL!

Well I found some trendy one-bowl things that ticked all the boxes. After trawling the internet I found Foodie Crush. The blog is fab (you can find it on Blog Lovin’ and social media too!)

I love the concept of the blog, the name and sharing the love for other bloggers…well done Heidi!

If you click on the name above there are 25 healthy bowl recipes shared by the lovely Heidi.

I really like the look of the Eastern veggie bowl and the black bean power bowl… I’m always looking for a different salad; Yes please!

I’m interested in the Acai bowls but haven’t tried them yet. So let me know if you have any to recommend!

What is your favourite one-bowl, veggie or low-carb meal? (Even better if it’s quick and transports to work well… please let me know!)

Have a great Friday!

Anna x


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