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Hi-de-hi Peeps!

Last week I shared a big old Planner update so I only have 2 to show you, but what a pair they are! I think I’m in love…

This week is possibly one of my favourite musicals ever! Hairspray.

This is just so me… 60’s, bright colours, musicals… just yes please! All my favourite cast members and the logos have been printed and the rest of the decor is from my sticker stash.

A friend bought me some scented markers for my birthday (we’re both 80’s kids so that was obviously a natural choice of present). I wanted to use them but am not a great artist, so I wrote the song titles in and, despite my awful handwriting, I like it! I might even do it again.

The idea came because I wanted to write “timeless to me” in as that is the best bit! Aside from the fact that it’s Jon Travolta and Christopher Walken (!) it is hilarious, lovely and a little bit accurate! It makes me laugh that when Hairspray came out I could totally relate to Tracy, but I think I’m much more Edna now! LOL

Then next week’s plan happened… I seem to naturally gravitate towards the neon colours, pineapples and flamingos (neon 80’s kid strikes again) so I thought a fun ‘pool party’ type theme would be good for a summer holiday week… my little 80’s brain leapt to Wham’s Club Tropicana… so here it is:

I’ve had the pineapple and fuchsia stickers for months, bought some cheap beach themed stickers and some puffy ones. I printed the logos and inflatables and went nuts with it.

You can see I also went bonkers with accessories for this one; my ice-cream pen from work, my pineapple pencil and food clips from Poundland and the gorgeous Flamingo clip from Etsy… but I didn’t stop there.

I created a dashboard:

The card was a freebie from Happy Cutie Studio on Etsy, the leaf post-its are from B&M as part of a set I’ve had for ages and the pineapple notes/page-flags I got in a charity shop…I just had to!

I honestly think I could do 2 more spreads; just flamingos and pineapples! I also have a blog post coming soon on where I get stuff from- a haul featuring Etsy quite heavily! 😉

Hope you’ve enjoyed today, let me know what you think!

Anna x


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