A Random Sunday

Howdy Peeps!

We skived off yesterday to have a family day…so there was no blog, sorry.

We had a great time! Went shopping, ate out and had a decent walk. We were going to go to the cinema but it was a bit warm for that yesterday afternoon- wanted to get out in the lovely sunshine as I’ve worked 6 days and Mr.B has been painting and studying. (He did actually do some prep work for painting yesterday morning too, bless him.)

First stop was B&M for DIY supplies (did I tell you we’re decorating the whole flat this holiday?). While in B&M I found a couple of bargains I thought I’d share…

Mr.B has a birthday soon and I wanted to buy him some stuff for his degree course; in B&M there are filled lever-arch files with plastic pockets, a notepad, dividers and a set of page-flag sticky notes… for a fiver! (4.99 to be exact.) I also picked up a few toiletries and pet treats because they’re always good value in there.

I’ve been on the hunt for different snacks and treats recently (bored of same old things) and found these in the store…

Box of 5 for a pound! They are high fibre and low calorie…and yummy. Yust enough chocolate taste to feel like you’ve had a treat, without blowing loads of calories. 🙂

Also I went to Lidl while I was in the area and their chutney and summer fruit squash are both lovely and ridiculously cheap.

We decided to have a wander along the cliff tops to Summerleaze (the touristy, sandy beach) and get a late lunch.

It’s definitely Summer!

We braved the crowds and went to Life’s A Beach (just out of shot on the left). The food was yummy and the staff lovely.. fairly quick considering they were busy, I highly recommend if you’re ever in Bude.

We went home and chilled, planned, read and revised. I had a lovely time with the teenager watching YouTube, talking about plans and creating a revision timetable… her decision, not mine. I try not to be the pushy type but she asked for my input (a rare treat nowadays) and education is what I do, so we nerded out with colour-coding subjects! 🙂

Light supper of cheese and crackers for us (provided by Lidl with their gorgeous chutney and cheap cheeses) and a Bagel for Miss.B.. bargain of the day as they were almost half the price of the Sainsbury’s ones I bought last week… I may go to Lidl more often!

So I just thought I’d catch you up and share my bargain finds, have a great Monday!

Laters Peeps!

Anna x


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