Summer Holiday Budgeting

Morning Peeps!

So it’s the summer holidays (apparently… too wet here to tell!) and there are things to do and buy, places to go and people to see. So how do you do that on a budget?

The simple answer is planning.

I plan for one treat and one sensible thing each week. With a £10 contingency fund in case we need extra fuel or food etc.

Treats don’t have to be huge, here are a few examples;

  • Ice cream or chips at the beach
  • Going to choose a new book
  • Meal with friends
  • A new toy or game (I’m talking actual games under a tenner, not ridiculously priced computer games).
  • Art a d craft supplies (hit poundland and the works)
  • Trip to a park/heritage site (usually just petrol and a picnic).
  • A bigger treat like a trip to the cinema, zoo or the city (probably only once in the 6 weeks) tip: search online for discounts.

Sensible stuff to pay for:

  • New ‘play’ clothes/casuals (these can also be a treat for small peeps who are still into character stuff and that will help your budget.)
  • New curtains/bedding as above. Also useful if you’re decorating (like us) or have guests coming.
  • Replacement homeware; anything from dishes to filters, lightbulbs to toilet seats. Necessary but dull, spread them out so they don’t take away fun money.
  • Petrol costs for things you have to do (dentist, visits you’ve arranged, unexpected stuff like trips to A&E… no one likes to think about it but it could happen so don’t leave the tank on empty).
  • The big one is new school stuff… if you need new uniform and stationery then spread the cost over a few weeks. As my daughter will be going into her last year (😱) it will probably just be shoes and flash cards as we have pretty much everything else. If however your child is just starting or moving up you may need a whole new uniform and major stationery like a scientific calculator and protractor set. (Pro tip: the works have cheap little scientific calculators that are good enough for younger children, but when they get to year 9 or 10 find out what type the school have and get exactly the same so they will be used to the layout. Be aware this will cost you £10-20 though, but worth it to feel confident in a maths exam.)

I hope that helps you plan some fun and get stuff done.

Have a good one!

Anna x


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