I forgot! Dragons made me do it!

Howdy Peeps!

Happy August! I don’t quite understand where July went, but happy August anyway. 😎

I am so sorry I didn’t blog yesterday and totally neglected you all. I promise I didn’t do it intentionally.

You know how last week I did my Eragon review well yesterday I finished book 2!

Eldest is even more captivating! It’s written with more experience and more beautiful descriptions. The plot is more complex and the characters/relationships from the first are developed so much more… I literally couldn’t put it down!

The advantage of school holidays is no early mornings so I can read past midnight…. well on Tuesday i did and fell asleep mid chapter (a really good bit too, was just tired) so when I woke up yesterday I just carried on reading… I didn’t think about blogging or food shopping or chores or work… I read for a couple of hours over the course of yesterday and finished the book.

(You can testify to the fact that I read a lot if you saw my Instagram post yesterday. 😉)

There is a massive plot twist; I kind of guessed the character’s back story but not that they’d be the one there then. In fact, I can say that about more than one point in this book. It’s so, so good please go and read it… but read Eragon first to get the full impact of the relationships and conflicts.

Highly recommend the series, especially for dragon fans. I’ll let you know how I get on with book 3!

Have a great day!

Anna x


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