I May Be Crazy…. but I’m Excited!

Howdy Peeps!

Happy Fri-yay!

I’m a bit late uploading a blog today, but I had to do a few things because I’ve had some very exciting news….

I’ve been accepted to do my Master’s degree in Education !!!!

I am excited and slightly terrified…and probably crazy for adding to the workload we already have!

If you’ve read my posts Autism Awareness Day and Born Naughty you’ll already know I have a passion for helping children with Special Educational Needs (SEN), particularly those with Dyslexia and Autism.

I am so excited to be focusing of the thing that matters so much to me, I believe I’m meant to do it and that it will help me to further my career and help dozens of children while doing so!

I will keep you posted… when I’m calm enough to make sense! 😉

Have a great Friday!

Anna x


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