Going Eco

Howdy Peeps!

A big topic right now, our family has been talking about going plastic-free, being eco-friendly, using sustainable/recyclable and other ways we can help the planet.

We already have reusable shopping bags and drinks containers, we refuse plastic straws and such, but want to do more.

My daughter watches a YouTuber called Sorelle, who travels full-time, so feels she should minimise her environmental impact in other ways (she’s done several videos on living plastic-free/minimalist).

As well as being animal and eco-friendly, the advantage of travelling plastic-free is that most toiletries are solid and therefore you avoid the whole liquid restrictions thing. Shampoo in soap-bar form, toothpaste tablets and suchlike.

So the teenager and I went hunting for eco stuff. She found the stuff Sorelle recommends, such as the Lush range. I went online hunting and found stuff on Amazon and Etsy… then I found One Little Company. They’re brilliant and stock lots of items from lots of eco companies.

Also, Bude has recently opened a Refill Shop (I’ll share the link on my Facebook page) where you can refill your own containers with dried food, such as pasta, nuts and cereal.

So I went to the Refill shop to see what’s available and found that they do some of the toiletries and household products too.

So I bought us all bamboo toothbrushes and some metal straws.

We will go and refill our containers with rice, pasta and such as we need them. We will try the shampoo, soap etc, particularly for travelling and I certainly want to switch to a reusable razor and cotton rounds for facial cleansing.

It’s the beginning of a journey and I’m open to suggestions… we have to try.

Anna x

Photo by Superkitina on Unsplash


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