I’m A Lousy Blogger…

Morning Peeps!

Are any of you still there after me not blogging for 2 days?

So for like the 3rd tome in a month something’s happened to stop me blogging.

Early hours of Tuesday morning my daughter woke me up as she was in pain. We called the lovely people at the NHS 111 helpline and they said to go and get her checked out at A&E in case it was her appendix. (It wasn’t and she’s fine…please don’t worry.)

It’s an hour’s drive away (the joys of rural Cornwall) and we waited an hour after the initial test to see a doctor (which isn’t bad for there!) and then spent time there waiting for diagnosis and antibiotics,

We left just before 7 am so we figured McDonald’s Drive-Thru for breakfast 😉 and got homme around 8 am to get on with a very full day.

So I had no time Tuesday and yesterday we just collapsed at home yesterday; after being on the go for like 19-20 hours Tuesday yesterday didn’t really happen.

So I apologise and I’m trying to work on getting ahead with some blogs in case on hold-ups… normal service will resume tomorrow.


Anna x


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