Planner Stuff and Themes

Howdy Friday Peeps!

I was doing some planning last night and realised I didn’t show you this week’s theme…oops!

So this week (that’s nearly over 😳) was themed in a 50s diner style (I couldn’t help adding a Grease reference though)…

I love all that! Could live there and dress like that daily 😍

The planning I did for next week is carnival themed as ours is tomorrow!

I thought I’d finished, but realised afterwards that I forgot the date numbers! …. take 2:

The hard think with the carnival stuff is that the floats and costumes are so detailed that the small pictures don’t give you enough. I picked some masks and some background boxes, as well as Mexican fiesta stickers (good old Toymaster specials).

Prior to yesterday’s planning I had an interview with my Master’s tutor and got my start date!!

So when in Morrisons I had a look at the back to school stuff for stationery and I saw some highlighters I just had to buy…

These cute little ice lollies will be coming to university with me but I thought I’d show you as they’d be great in a summer themed planner. There was loads of stuff in Morrisons worth looking at for back to school stuff and planner things.

I don’t need much for my course, perhaps some folders, but I may go back for some ‘to do’ lists and coloured pens for my planner 😁 if you are a planner addict, you’ll understand.

Have a great Friday!

Anna x


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