Hellooooo Monday!

Morning Peeps!

We’re back to normal… well,kinda… temporarily at least.

We had a great weekend- hope you did too- I had a reunion with some school friends on Saturday and the rest of my household went to the carnival.

Sunday was more chilled, just church and a movie… nice! 🙂

So this next 2 weeks are gonna be kinda crazy. Mr.B has his last 2 weeks of work before going back to school as a Law student! This isn’t going to be easy for him but he has that to look forward to after the work is done. In fact, he has his enrolment day next week to break it up a bit.

I have 2 more weeks of crazy summer hours in the gift shop but have things to fit in for when we all go back to school… could be interesting.

At the end of these 2 weeks we have a meal out to look forward to. We have booked a rare dinner date for the end of the month as it is Mr.B’s last day of work and our wedding anniversary.

So basically we’re working through a 2-week countdown… and then everything changes!

Let me know what you’re looking forward to and I’ll keep you posted on ours!

Anna x

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