Hellooo Wednesday Peeps!

I’m bordering on obsessive reading disorder… and my daughter is waaaaaaay into that category already. 😉

I fully intended to blog yesterday but I had 3 chapters of Brisingr (the 3rd Eragon book) left to get through before work. So…

It was a very intense book and again it was beautifully written (totally bawled my eyes out near the end).

It probably won’t surprise you to learn that I immediately started book 4. Inheritance doesn’t give you any break in the intensity of action and 3 chapters in I’ve already been horrified and laughed out loud and been impressed with descriptions and felt the need to talk about it! Christopher Paolini is sooooooooooo talented. Little fun fact; I didn’t know that he’d written anything else, but in the front of Inheritance it advertises Tales from Alagaesia … I’m intrigued. But the reason I’m keen to finish The Inheritance Cycle (other than wanting to know how the story concludes) is that I have a trio of Michael Crichton stories waiting… birthday money well spent methinks.

So you know you have at least 4 book reviews to look forward to!

As a side note, the Eragon books, Michael Crichton, and the Sarah J Maas/Leigh Bardugo books my daughter reads, have loads of merch. You can buy things to immerse you further in the story such as maps and scents and quotes (we particularly love the maps) and, let’s be honest, anything that makes present-buying for teenagers easier is a bonus!

I’ll let you know how the books go and if I come across any awesome merchandise… sounds like a good excuse to trawl Etsy to me!

Catch ya later peeps!

Anna x


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