Well Done, Good Luck and Goodbye!

Howdy Friday Peeps!

Are you looking forward to the Bank Holiday weekend? Do you get one? I’m working Saturday and Monday, but the atmosphere is different… so still nice. 🙂

Anyhoo, yesterday was GCSE results day. I’m pleased to say they passed!

Not just my pupils, but friends’ kids, former students, and adults alike. I’m so proud and they all got what they needed to get on with their lives… hooray!!

It’s hard to say goodbye to pupils, especially if you’ve known them a long time… but I wish them every success and happiness (excuse me while I blub).

If you got results yesterday, I’m proud of you too…as a teacher and as a parent it genuinely gives me joy when people learn and succeed. If you did get results yesterday, then make sure you get in contact with your next step; Even if you’re staying at the same school and are guaranteed a place, still get in contact..you’ll look keen if you confirm!

If you didn’t get the grades you need (and haven’t done so already) then contact your college/sixth form/training provider right now! There is no need to despair. If you were close, they may let you in anyway or offer resits alongside your course. There may be a different course you can take with your grades, there may be an access course or functional skills you could take to secure your place next year. If you don’t ask, you won’t know. There’s always a way, try not to panic.

Good luck, God bless and every success to you all!

Anna x


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