4 Months To Go….

Yo Peeps! Have you heard? It’s August bank holiday weekend so that means I’m in full Christmas mode! 😁🎅🏻🎄

If you’re new here this year I warn you now, I get worse! 😉 someone who has been here a while will explain… sorry.

I know there are plenty of Christmas posts to trawl through already but I must just show you this…

I love these printable pages for christmas planning… and the beat thing is that THEY WERE FREE!

I love a good bargain and free is like the best deal possible… and they’re beautiful.

When I started using my planner last Christmas (rather than countless notebooks) I went looking for inspiration on YouTube. I found several of my favourite vloggers like Crafty Girl and Anna Brim, but there are loads with free printable links… I looked through several and chose this one.

I like the fonts and colours and verses. It’s easy to print and there are different layouts for shopping lists and such. I got it from this video’s link.

It’s not the most polished video on YouTube but she’s lovely and I honestly think her planner pages are better than many of the bigger channel ones.

But don’t take my word for it, go have a look for yourselves.

Happy planning!

Anna x


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