Back to School stuff

Hi-de-hi peeps.

Are you bank holiday sale shopping?

Now is a great time to pick up some bargains for back to school.

Generic clothes and such are on sale, particularly in the supermarkets.

Even our little sainsbury’s has some vests, pinafore dresses and undies available. They also have a load of stationery and drinks bottles on half price!

My daughter has a mere 9 months left of school so we’re trying to buy as little as possible. However, Mr.B and I both have studies to come, so I have personally benefitted from the sainsbury’s sale.

I bought a binder, dividers, writing pad and lever arch file, along with a metal water bottle that were all half price.

Mr.B is opting for a trip to B&M as their stationery is always cheap and we are going anyway to get new bedding for our guest bed.

That’s another great thing about this time of year; because of all the students preparing to leave home, there are homeware sales everywhere! If you need to replace bedding/pans/small electricals then now is the time!

Have fun and enjoy the discounts!

Anna x


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