Wreck It Ralph 2

Howdy peeps!

I never went to see either Wreck it Ralph film in the cinema, but enjoyed the first one at home so I thought I’d give this one a go.

I did offer my family (Mr.B doesn’t remember seeing the first and the teenager was in her room binge-watching glee πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ) so I sat there and watched it alone the other evening.

I really enjoyed it. A good moral story, great voice cast and some grown up humour.

I liked that those who appeared to be bad guys weren’t and the whole ‘cover is not the book’ thing. I think it gave the characters more depth than the first film and amused myself with the retro gaming references (I’m a proud child of the 80s πŸ˜‰).

The main issue I have with Ralph Breaks The Internet is the same issue I have with some other modern Disney movies, like Zootopia; that is the fact that they don’t feel like Disney.

They are brilliantly written and animated, as Disney always is, but it goes down the Pixar line of not being a musical (apart from one tongue-in-cheek princess song which amused me) and having more things for adults in (again I appreciated that).

I guess it doesn’t feel as innocent as Disney used to. I love the humour and if you’d said DreamWorks, Illumination or Sony had made it then I’d be super impressed with them but Disney…?

I guess they’re trying to change and be more relatable and catch the adult fans but they’re treading a fine moral line. The misjudged baddie is a good moral but the character comes from a game young children shouldn’t know the reference for… can you pg rate a Disney movie? Should we need to?

It was current and fresh and I enjoyed it but not sure I’d show a tween kid who wants to be grown up because they might go looking for the “cool stuff” referenced.

GTA-style games and internet references aside, I think the film can be enjoyed by an innocent audience as it’s basically about the development of Ralph and Vanelope’s friendship and is generally an improvement on the plot of the first film. Maybe I shouldn’t worry then…I don’t know.

Closing on a positive; I LOVE John C Reilly (who voices Ralph) and think this talented man doesn’t get nearly enough credit! (Shame Ralph doesn’t sing as John has a great track record.) He really is a huge bonus to this film.

Rant over. Let me know your thoughts.

Anna x

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