Last Day of Crazy!

Howdy Friday peeps!

(How is it Friday again already?!)

Today is my last day of late shifts in the shop (normal closing next week whoop whoop!) and today is Mr.Bs first day not at work….

Today is also the last weekday of this school year (the new one beginning September 1st) when Mr B and I will both be students and our baby will be in her last year of school before college!!! (How the heck…?😱)

So some things are slowing, some will change and some will carry on. Today we still needed to go food shopping and pay the water rates and such.

Because life is about to get a whole different kind of crazy, I’m trying to get a month ahead with my weekly planner so I have space to write important stuff.

So you will be kept up to date and I have loads of planner spreads to show you. I also have back-to-school (and uni) stuff to come and lots more random stuff too. (Like the fact it’s only 16 1/2 weeks until Christmas!!)

Watch this space.

Have a good one!

Anna x


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