Back To School (Universal)

Hey Peeps!

Thought I’d share my list of back to school essentials for any age group, whether you’ve got a kid starting school or are in Adult/Higher Education…or anywhere in between, these will work:

  • Pencils. Let’s start with the obvious: Mechanical or not, get several and buy either ones with eraser tops or buy separate erasers for those little mistakes. (If not buying mechanical, don’t forget a sharpener!)
  • Pens… Biro, fountain, gel…whatever. Find some you like and buy a bunch. Preferably in black (as some official forms require it) but also get another colour or 2 for correcting drafts, underlining, etc.
  • Ruler: small or large, folding, bendy or- for secondary- as part of a maths/protractor set.
  • calculator…complicated-ness varies depending on requirements. Price varies hugely too!
  • Colours: crayons, coloured pencils, felt pens or more ‘grown-up’ gel pens and highlighters. 🙂 Depends on whether you highlight, underline, mind-map or just colour in. Go wild and have fun!
  • Pencil case to put all this garb in.
  • A notebook, lined paper or a planner.


  • Backpack or messenger bag.
  • Water bottle.
  • Lunch bag or wallet for money/card.
  • Bag of essentials (pants for small kids, through to make-up and sanitary items for the older learners).
  • Appropriate (comfy) footwear.

This is a basis for you to build upon… you may need a uniform or not need colours. Some people will need text books, some prefer not to get a pencil case and put pens in a bag pocket or pen loops.

It can be cheap (try The Works and Poundland) or not so cheap.

Do what works for you, have fun, but don’t feel pressured into buying everything.

Have a great start to the new term!

Anna x


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