Beginning of the End

`Hello Peeps!

So today is my baby girl’s first day of her last year of school before college!! (Yes she is my baby, despite being 5’8″ and almost legally an adult!)

I’m proud and emotional and excited for her (and for us because we haven’t done this before either!) and a teeny bit nervous. I’m sure I wasn’t this emotional on her actual first day!!

God’s got this. I have to remind myself sometimes, but deep down I know He is in charge.

I’m glad to know God is with her, even when I’m not…and as she grows and tries new things that is happening more and more. I know she can come to us and has good friends and family to support her, but most importantly, she knows people are praying for her and she can too if she needs help and we aren’t nearby.

Before I start gushing, this proud Mumma is going to go and iron uniform for our last ‘first day of school’.

Have a good one peeps!

Anna x


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